Joseph B. Walsh Memorial

Various Speakers
Monday, April 9, 2018 - 10:30am to 7:00pm

Long time member of EAPS, and close collaborator with William F. Brace, Joe Walsh used rigorous mechanical principles to devise theories fundamental to such diverse fields as seismology, oil and gas exploration, and hydrology.

Joseph B. “Joe” Walsh died on 30 August 2017 at the age of 86 in Adamsville, R.I., where he had lived for many years. Joe was well known in the rock mechanics community, although perhaps underappreciated outside it. The influence of his work is, nonetheless, broad and profound.

Join us for a memorial event celebrating the life and work of Joe Walsh from 10:30am-7:00pm in the MIT Green Building room 209.


10:40 - Welcome - Brad Hager

11:00 - “Hydrofracture” - Steve Brown

11:20 - Dale Morgan

11:40 - “Surface melting and pseudotachylite formation in triaxial stick slip experiments in granite” - David Lockner

12:00 - Lunch break

2:00 - “Adventures with Joe in south Africa and Greece” - Art McGarr

2:20 - “Joe Walsh – pioneering the coupling of experimental rock physics with mechanics” - Amos Nur

2:40 - “On the stability of frictional sliding: a view from viscoelastic energy dissipation” - Wenlu Zhu

3:00 - “Earthquake Desks for Bhutan’s schools” - Brian Tucker

3:10 - Break

3:40 - “Joe Walsh as a friend, an associate and fun to be around” - Sid Green

3:50 - “Rock physics Walsh style” - Chris Scholz

4:10 - “Extending Walsh and Grosenbaugh model to flow and resistivity” - Arthur Cheng

4:30 - David Goldsby

4:40 - Break

5:0 - Slide Show

5:20 - Anton Ziolkowski - Wolfgang Waversik - Brian Evans - Jim Rice

5:40 - Reception

Read more about Joe Walsh HERE.