Doctoral Funding


Students are funded via a Graduate Student Appointment. Appointments are either Fellowships, Research Assistantships or Teaching Assistantships. A full appointment covers tuition, health insurance and a stipend. Stipend rates are set each year by the Office of the Vice Chancellor in consultation with the Provost, the Chancellor, the School Deans, and upon the recommendation by the Graduate Student Council Stipends Committee. Stipend information may be found here:


  • Fellowships are generally nine-month appointments (September—May) though some may be for only one term.
  • It is important for US domestic students to know that tax is not withheld from fellowship stipend payments. Students will need to review their own tax stuation to determine how much income to save for tax season.

Research Assistantship (RA)

Teaching Assistantship (TA)

  • Some TA appointments are available during the academic year (September—May). The Associate Department Head and Education Office review class offerings to determine the eligibility of a class to receive TA support and inform the faculty teaching the class of the level of TA support the class will receive. Faculty then solicit students to TA their classes.
  • The duties of a TA include but are not limited to: assisting faculty with grading, providing instruction in class, lab or recitation, setting up lab apparatus, etc. TA appointments are expected to require no more than 20 hours of work per week. For more information on TA appointments please see:

Further information about Graduate Student Appointments may be found here:

Last Updated: August 2019