Gifts from alumni and friends provide the vital fuel for EAPS education and research. Graduate students power our research! You can support a graduate student by making a gift to a fellowship fund. Gifts to the EAPS Discretionary Fund are also critical as they can be used to meet all student or faculty needs. Every single gift to EAPS makes a difference!

EAPS Discretionary Support Fund (2635100)

The financial flexibility of discretionary funds is critical, especially in an uncertain fiscal environment. This funding gives the department the ability to seize new opportunities and address pressing needs as they occur. In the past, these resources have been used to seed new ideas, to recruit and retain faculty, and to enrich the student educational experience. GIVE

EAPS Graduate Fellowships

Fellowship funding helps ensure EAPS will continue to attract the best graduate students and faculty. As government funding for research shrinks and competition among universities for talent intensifies, this is more important now than ever. Fellowships allow us to bring the most imaginative young scientists to MIT, and give them the flexibility to pursue their research interests. MORE

- EAPS Graduate Student Support Fund (3857220)
- Sven Treitel ’53 Graduate Student Support Fund (3312160)
- Theodore Madden ’49 Fellowship Fund (3305800)
- M. Nafi Toksöz Fellowship Fund (3311750)
- James L. Elliot Graduate Student Support Fund (3297565)

Earth and Environment Pavilion

With your help, MIT can accelerate its search for collaborative solutions to some of the planet’s most urgent environmental problems and help ensure a sustainable future for human life on Earth. MORE

For further information on giving opportunities please contact Megan Cokely, EAPS Senior Development Officer. | phone 617 .253 .5796

For further information on giving opportunities or creating a named fund to benefit the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, please contact:

Megan Cokely
Senior Development Officer
Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT

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