Interdisciplinary research lies at the heart of EAPS, offering our students unparalleled opportunities.

The department’s commitment to fieldwork—in addition to theory, experimentation, and numerical modeling—also sets it apart from other MIT departments and many of its peers. Our students and faculty are the Indiana Jones’s of MIT, traveling all over the world to collect data and samples—including many of our undergraduates on their January break. EAPS is one of the preeminent departments in the geosciences, with top rankings in US News and World Report. Our emphasis on fundamental research makes us vital to the Institute, and the nation at large, with faculty and students often at the forefront of debates on topics ranging from carbon capture and sequestration to space exploration. Every day our discovery-driven research is helping to inform policy, economics, and social welfare around the world.

Graduate Fellowships
The 175 graduate students in EAPS are crucial to the strength of the department. They conduct much of our advanced research, teach and mentor undergraduates, and take the intellectual risks that lead to exciting new discoveries. Fellowship funding helps ensure EAPS will continue to attract the best graduate students and faculty. As government funding for research shrinks and competition among universities for talent intensifies, this is more important now than ever. Fellowships allow us to bring the most imaginative young scientists to MIT, and give them the flexibility to pursue their research interests.

Support EAPS graduate students via a named fund:

Sven Treitel ’53 Graduate Student Support Fund (3312160)
Theodore Madden ’49 Fellowship Fund (3305800)
M. Nafi Toksöz Fellowship Fund (3311750)
James L. Elliot Graduate Student Support Fund (3297565)

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