EAPS Google Calendar Details

EAPS uses Google calendars as a distributed tool to manage event and activity information-sharing across the department. Other websites (including the PAOC website) pull feeds from our Google calendars. Also, the calendars are used to provide much of the information needed to maintain http://events.mit.edu and https://eapsweb.mit.edu/events/all. If you use Google calendars this page provides the information about each calendar for you to subscribe. 


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Department Calendar This calendar includes all events and activities sponsored by EAPS not otherwise listed here. Includes department lectures (DLS), named lectures (Brace, Carlson, Kendall, and similar), thesis defenses, education office coordinated events and activities, and  departmental social events - Contact: Maggie Cedarstrom maggie84@mit.edu

EGSAC Calendar Events and activities sponsored by the EAPS Graduate Student Activities Committee (EGSAC). Includes: Long Pond Weekend (September). 

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ERL Events & Activities  

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MIT Atmospheric Science Seminar Series (MASS) Calendar  

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Observe@MIT Calendar Astronomical observation sessions led by EAPS planetary science lecturer Amanda Bosh Contact: asbosh@mit.edu

Oceanography and Climate Sack Lunch Seminar (SLS) Calendar  

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PAOC Colloquium Series (PAOC)  

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Planetary Lunch Colloquium Series (PlCS)  

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