Department Lecture - Catherine Johnson (UBC)

The Magnetic Field of Mars:  New views from orbit and the ground.
Magnetic field data from the Mars Global Surveyor mission revolutionized our understanding of the early history of the red planet by revealing a crustal magnetic field indicative of an ancient dynamo.  However, puzzles have remained regarding timing of the dynamo and the magnetization required by crustal rocks.  For example, whether a dynamo was present during times at which very different climatic condition existed compared with today has been debated.  Here I will discuss recent results from the MAVEN mission, in orbit since 2014, as well as the first ever surface measurements of the magnetic field from the InSight mission that landed on Mars in Nov. 2018.  Together, these offer new possibilities for understanding the dynamo history and crustal magnetization, as well as time-varying magnetic fields that result from the interaction of the solar wind with Mars. 

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