You may be required by law or because of MIT's policies and recognized best practices to be trained in certain aspects of environmental health and safety. Those, whose work involves the use of hazardous materials must complete the Training Needs Assessment form available through the EHS Office’s site.

A Kerberos username and MIT I.D. number are required to gain access. Verify basic information and continue on to complete the Training Needs Assessment Form. This will generate a list of training requirements. Training is offered as either web based or classroom based. Registration for either can be completed from the training web site. The use of hazardous chemicals triggers the most significant requirements, including:

  1. General Chemical Hygiene Training
  2. Managing Hazardous Waste Training
  3. Lab Specific Chemical Hygiene Training
  4. Read the department Chemical Hygiene Plan
  5. Submit a signed Chemical Hygiene Clearance Form