EAPS Senior Thesis Presentations

EAPS Undergraduate Students
Friday, May 19, 2017 - 10:00am to 2:30pm

Each senior in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science will give a talk presenting the results of his or her senior thesis. While 30 minutes is allocated to each talk, the schedule is flexible. If you want to hear a specific talk, please arrive early. Everyone in the EAPS community is encouraged to attend.


10:00 am

Return Levels of Extreme Ozone Events in Urban Areas of the Northeast United States

Elizabeth N. Rider (advisor Prof. Noelle Selin)

Lower Charles River Bathymetry: 108 Years of Fresh Water

Madonna K. Yoder (advisor Prof. Taylor Perron)

Paleohydrological Implications of Calcite/Aragonite Transitions in a Madagascan Stalagmite

Kaylee Brent (advisor Prof. David McGee)

Estimating Climate Sensitivity Using Lower-Troposphere Temperature Response to Volcanic Aerosols

Warittha Panasawatwong (advisor Prof. Paul O’Gorman)

12:00 – 1:00  BREAK for lunch

1:00 pm

A Machine-Learning Approach to Aerosol Classification for Single-Particle Mass Spectrometry

Costa D.  Christopoulos (advisor Prof. Dan Cziczo)

Transit Timing Variations of the Exoplanet K2-25b

Ishara Nisley (advisors Dr. Amanda S. Bosh and Dr. Elisabeth R. Newton)

Finding the location of Planet Nine

Brynna Downey  (advisor Prof. Jack Wisdom)