EAPS Ornament Contest!

EAPS Ornament Contest!
Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Back by popular demand, it’s the create-your-own ornament competition to decorate the EAPS Festivus Tree in the Ida Green Lounge.

Bring your A-game and create an ornamental masterpiece to be beheld by your coworkers as it dangles from a branch, softly illuminated by twinkly lights.

Make it scientific. Or funny. Whimsical. Grinchy. Sporty. Whatever. Don’t have time, you say? You’re in luck—we’ll also have supplies available at the event for procrastinators, and those who are buried up to their eyeballs in research.

Winners will be chosen by crowdsource, and will be honored with the admiration of their peers… and fabulous prizes.

And, as is EAPS tradition at tree decorating time, in lieu of cookies we will be serving ice cream sundaes… further incentive to join us!