EAPS Department Lecture Series - Luca Caricchi (Universitie de Geneve)

Luca Caricchi, Universitie de Geneve
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

"CO2-triggered destabilisation of magmatic systems"

Magmatic systems are the engine driving volcanic eruptions and the release of fluids responsible for the formation of porphyry-type ore deposits, our main source of copper (75% of global supply).

Sudden overpressure variations within magma reservoirs are commonly attributed to magma injection and can destabilise magmatic systems leading to volcanic eruptions or the impulsive release of ore-forming fluids.

We propose an alternative to this hypothesis showing that the input of minor amounts of CO2 is a considerably more powerful agent of destabilisation of magmatic systems with respect to the injection of magma itself.

About the Speaker

The focus of my research is the understanding of the physical mechanisms responsible for the transfer and emplacement of magma in the Earth’s crust and its eruption at the surface.
Our scientific mission is to understand how magmatic processes contribute to shaping our planet and what are the main physical factorscontrolling the frequency and magnitude of volcanic eruptions. Because more than 400 millions people live in the proximity of a volcano, this last, is an issue of high societal importance.

About the Series

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