EAPS Department Lecture Series - Cecilia Bitz (University of Washington)

Cecilia Bitz, University of Washington
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

"The First Decade of Sea Ice Seasonal Prediction"

Within the last decade, extremely low Arctic summer sea ice cover in some years has prompted new research on predicting sea ice conditions a season or more in advance. There are several promising sources of predictability associated with aspects of the sea ice that vary relatively slowly and the integral of coupled interactions with the atmospheric and ocean over many months. The sea ice circulates in large-scale gyres, which transport anomalies with some regularity. However, like most short-term prediction problem, good initialization and post processing are essential, yet remain challenging. I will review the rapid advances on this important topic that have evolved since The Sea Ice Outlook began collecting and reporting predictions in 2008.

About the Speaker

I am a Professor in the Atmospheric Sciences Department and part of the Program on Climate Change and the Future of Ice Initiative, all at University of Washington.

My research interests include:

- The role of sea ice in the climate system and high-latitude climate and climate change.
- The predictability of Arctic sea ice. I co-lead the Sea Ice Prediction Network
- Global coupled climate modeling. Including integrations at very high resolution. Check out our animations of a century long control at 1/10 degree sea ice and ocean. I use the Community Earth System Model.

About the Series

EAPS interdisciplinary Department Lecture Series (DLS) brings both national and international speakers into the department to share their work. In addition EAPS sponsors a number of annual flagship named lectures, among them the Brace Lecture, the Kendall Lecture, and the Carlson Lecture. All such lectures and seminars are free and open to the public. To be added to EAPS event listserve contact Brandon Milardo, .