EAPS Career Mentor Coffee Hour With Geologist Scot Krueger '81 (XII)

Scot Krueger '81 (XII), Structural Geologist at BP (retired)
Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Students, scientists and postdocs - bring your curiosity and your questions for an informal chat about careers and more over coffee and pastries with EAPS alum Scot Krueger '81 (XII).

Scot Krueger grew up in a geologist family, working summers in high school with his father just up the river in Cambridge at Geochron Labs. He earned an SB from MIT in 1981, working on structural geology and tectonics with Clark Burchfiel. Upon graduating he moved to California where he worked for a couple of years studying intraplate earthquakes for the USGS in Menlo Park before going on to earn his PhD from UC Berkeley in 1990, working with Dave Jones on the tectonic evolution of the Northern California Coast Ranges. Scot then enjoyed a career in the oil industry, working successively for Arco, Paradigm Geophysical, ConocoPhillips and BP. Most of his time was spent on geological research and international exploration, with a technical focus on structural geology and tectonics. His specific interests over the years have included basin framework analysis, cross section construction and balancing, structural analysis of mobile shale and salt, the evolution of thrust belts and passive margins, and the application global plate modelling to petroleum exploration. Scot has worked the geology of every continent, mainly from offices in Texas, but with many trips to the field. He was in the office in 2010 when BP's Deepwater Horizon accident occurred and he witnessed firsthand the efforts to cap the well and clean up the spill. His last major project was a multi-year study of the exploration potential of the conjugate Atlantic passive margins from Argentina-South Africa to Greenland-Norway. He opted for early retirement in 2016 to move back to Boston and enjoy the life of a gentleman geologist.

Please register by April 9th (so we can order coffee/snacks): aellis@mit.edu.

Open to: students and postdocs.

For more information, contact: Angela Ellis | (617) 253-5796 | aellis@mit.edu