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Some of the following sources are available to MIT only.

The Basics

Online Books, Handbooks and Theses

New Books at MIT


Research Databases

Field of Research Databases


GeoRef, Web of Science, National Geologic Map Database, Society of Petroleum Engineers eLibrary (SPE), AAPG Datapages, GeoScience WorldLyell Collection, Society of Petroleum Engineers eLibrary (SPE, OnePetro)


GeoRef, Inspec, Web of ScienceSEG Digital Library


GeoRef, Web of Science, SciFinder


SciFinder, PubMed

Planetary Science

GeoRef, Inspec, ADS, Web of Science

Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climate

Agricultural and Environmental Science Database (formerly ESPM)Climatewire, Web of Science

Earthquake Engineering

Quakeline, Compendex, Web of Science

Energy See Energy Research Guide for databases

All Fields

Dissertations and ThesesScopusWeb of Science

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