Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health and Safety for the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences is administered by the EHS Office. Day to day activities are managed by the department EHS Coordinator in conjunction with Lab Safety Representatives. Lab Safety Representatives are lab personnel charged with the responsibility of interfacing with the Coordinator on behalf of the lab. EAPS recognizes its role in providing a safe and healthy workplace, in addition to complying with all federal, state and local regulations.

- EAPS Chemical Hygiene Plan
- Chemical Hygiene Clearance Form
- Field Research Safety Plan

Any questions may be directed to the EHS Coordinator, Brian Smith (bssmith@mit.edu, 617-253-6238, office: E34-409).

Members of the EAPS Environmental Health and Safety Committee

Brian Smith (Safety Officer) bssmith@mit.edu

Michael Richard mjr@mit.edu
Scott Wade swade@mit.edu