The complete graphic identity for the department contains three elements:

1) The graphic logo (available for download HERE)

2) "EAPS" (available for download HERE)

3) The full name of the Department (available for download HERE)

Various configurations of these three elements are permissible.

When all three elements are used together, the full Department name goes underneath "EAPS" so that together they are the same height as the graphic. This provides complete identifying information and establishes the association between the graphic and our Department. Please note that the font sizes of "EAPS" and the Department name have a specific ratio. By using an original file downloaded here you will have the three elements proportioned correctly. For use in a masthead, when the name of the Department is used nearby or known from the context of the page, the graphic logo may be used with the type "EAPS" only. The graphic logo may be used alone. The font family for the logo is Interstate.

If you need a copy of the font or have any questions please contact:

Jen Fentress
Phone: 617 253 2127

For Print

EAPS blue = Pantone 7461
EAPS green = Pantone 7484
Lighter colors are half tones.

For the Web

Blue = RGB: 28.119.186; Hex: 1c77ba
Light Blue = RGB:128.182.225; Hex: 80b6e1
Green = RGB: 9.102.66; Hex: 096642
Light Green = RGB: 95.138.114; Hex: 5f8a72



Keep the original proportions. Do not stretch or condense. The logo may be resized but ONLY if done proportionately and treated as one graphic unit. Start from larger image and reduce to smaller, (inflating a smaller image into a larger one will result in loss of image quality).

Use the original electronic files.

Use the right file format for your project, print or web.

Do Not:

Change the logo colors. The logo must be blue and green (or can be printed in greyscale).

Use the graphic and add you own text for "EAPS" or "Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences ." The text uses a specific font, Interstate, that is not common. Please contact the Education Office if you need a copy of the font family for your project.