Diversity Council

Charge to the EAPS Diversity Council

The Council will identify areas in which EAPS can create a better work environment for all people in the department and an environment that includes and attracts people of many and diverse backgrounds. These include (i) issues related to the atmosphere and culture of EAPS as a whole, (ii) the recruitment, hiring, long-term support and retention of under-represented minorities and women at all levels, particularly at the faculty level, and (iii) avenues for reporting and resolving issues surrounding egregious behavior. The Council will provide the department head with specific recommendations for improvements in each of these areas, with an eye toward processes that can be sustained over the long-term.

Council Members

Wiki Royden - Chair
Oli Jagoutz
Jeemin Hannah Rhim
Kristin Bergmann
Andrew Babbin
Roberta Allard
Clara Sousa-Silva
Dale Morgan
Mick Follows
Michael Richard
Allison Proviare - Meeting Notes