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EAPS Van Reservations & Policies

EAPS has a 12 passenger van available for loan for educational field trips, retreats, and department business only.

Anyone who uses the EAPS van or rents vehicles for EAPS business or field trips is governed by the MIT Vehicle Use Policy. In order to drive any Institute vehicle the following approval process is now mandated. In addition, because EAPS owns a 12-passenger van, all EAPS drivers are required to take an additional online safety course prior to authorization.

Successful completion of the S2 Learning Cargo Van Training Course. A copy of the confirmation of completion must be brought to EAPS HQ, along with your driver's license and MIT ID, prior to SEMO authorization, to be kept in the EAPS authorized drivers file. Download the following instructional PDF and use the special secure link contained in the document in order to access the correct course through the EAPS account: Course Access Instructions for Applicants

Confirmation of a valid license in good standing with a clean record through the MIT Security and Emergency Management Office (SEMO) through a two-step process (this requirement is also referred to as an MVR). MVRs must be renewed through the same process every three years.

  1. Request approval from EAPS HQ, signed by the Administrative Officer
  2. Download and fill out an MVR Background Check Form  — this can also be filled out in person at SEMO:
  3. Take a copy of the signed EAPS HQ approval form, along with your driver’s license, (and the MVR Background Check Form if you have opted to fill it out ahead of time) in person to the SEMO office and fill-out a secondary, state-issued motor vehicle record check form. SEMO will only accept MVRs submitted in person.**

**SEMO accepts MVR requests on a walk-in basis at the following times only**
Tuesdays & Thursdays
10:30am - 12:30pm
Bldg. E17-106

SEMO will notify the department when the check is completed and whether the driver is cleared to operate the EAPS van.

Key EAPS Van-Specific Policies:

- Van reservations must include the authorized driver(s) name and the class number or activity name associated with the trip, as well as any associated faculty name(s), and each authorized driver’s cell phone number and MIT e-mail address. No other drivers other than those reported in the reservation may drive the van at any time. Contact Madelyn Musick for reservation requests.

- All drivers must be at least 21. Undergraduates are not eligible to drive the van.

- Personal use is expressly prohibited and will result in revocation of van driving privileges.

- For the safety of all, failure to report accidents, problems with the condition of the van, or damage of any kind will result in revocation of van driving privileges.

- Any parking tickets or other violations are the sole responsibility of the driver.

Download the full EAPS Van and MIT Drivers Policy HERE

We strongly encourage you to read the full Institute policy:

EAPS Visitor Policies for Appointments and Lab Work

Visitors: Department HR Administrator manages all non-student visitor appointments and visas.

US Visitor: If a US visitor comes for one week or less, they do not need a formal appointment. If PIs are comfortable with the visitor working in the lab with the special safety training then that is the decision of the PI/Lab Manager and EHS representative. No ID/keys will be issued, no need to check in with HR Administrator.

If a US visitor is coming for one week or more, then the HR Administrator can process a formal visiting appointment if all the necessary paperwork is completed by the visitor before arriving.

International Visitor: If an international visitor comes for three or more months, MIT will sponsor a visa if needed. The HR Administrator will process a formal appointment for them if all the necessary paperwork is completed before arriving. If an international visitor is coming for one week or less, they do not need a formal appointment. PIs need to ask the visitor what type of visa they will be entering the US on before coming. If they enter on a tourist visa, they may not work in the lab even with the special safety training. Tourist visas do not allow working authorization in the US. If the visitor enters the US on a working visa and PIs are comfortable with them working in the lab with the special safety training then that is the decision of the PI/Lab Manager and EHS representative. No ID/keys will be issued, no need to check in with HR Administrator.

Visiting Students: All visiting students, no matter the length of their visit, must have a visiting student appointment regardless of if they are a US Citizen or International Student. If a visit is less than five weeks, the Visiting Student Application fee and Registration fee are waived. The Administrative Assistant in the Education Office handles the visiting student application process and can advise the student and faculty member through the process.

EAPS Travel Policy for Postdocs & Students

In addition to MIT’s standard travel reimbursement policy, EAPS is implementing the following policies to be followed for all postdoc and student travel.  The purpose is to ensure consistency and minimize auditing risks.

- Detailed receipts are required for all expenses including meals.  This includes both domestic and international travel.

- Alcohol is not reimbursable.  Please review the travel policy at the URL below for other unallowable expenses.

- Written permission should be obtained from the PI when any unallowable expenses are to be charged to a discretionary account (alcohol is excluded as it is not reimbursable).  A signed note or email will be sufficient.

- A full airline itinerary is required.  If any personal travel is included, a quote showing the cost of the ticket without personal leg(s) must be given to the administrative assistant.

- For all trips, the traveler should provide the administrative assistant with a summary of expenses that includes a total, and the amount due to the traveler.

Additonal Info: International Travel Resources for Travelers & Insurance for MIT Students

MIT travel policy can be found at:

Parking Policies & Permits

Please contact Madelyn Musick for all parking permit questions.

To save money and help the environment, the MIT Parking and Transportation Office encourages you to consider alternatives to bringing your car to campus. The MIT campus is private property, and a parking permit is required on all vehicles parked on campus. Institute parking areas are continuously monitored. Vehicles parked improperly or without a parking permit will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense.

MIT Regulations

- Parking is allowed in car stalls designated by painted lines.

- The speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour.

- The speed limit in parking facilities is 5 miles per hour.

- Any area marked no parking, loading zone, reserved, residential, etc., is enforced as such 24 hours a day unless otherwise stated.

- Vehicles unclaimed for 30 days may be disposed of at the expense of the owner.

Visitor Parking

The number of visitor parking spaces on campus is limited, and it may not be possible to accommodate every visitor who wishes to park at MIT. Therefore, we strongly recommend using public transportation when visiting the MIT campus. Visitors who are not hosted by an MIT department may pay to park at an MIT lot located on the corner of Mass Ave and Vassar Street (139 Mass Ave). You may call 617-258-6510 for current rates and availability.

Any parker with a valid MIT parking permit can park his/her vehicle in any parking facility on campus after 2:30 PM, Monday through Friday and all day on weekends and MIT holidays. Parkers with a valid MIT parking permit can park in the Main Lot after 5 PM, Monday through Friday and all day on weekends and MIT holidays. Employees or others who do not have an MIT parking permit can park in any non-gated lot on campus after 5 PM on weekdays, and all day on weekends and MIT holidays.

Retired Faculty and Employees

Retired faculty permits are available to retired faculty and professors emeriti. Retired faculty who receive compensation pay the regular commuter rate. Retired faculty without compensation pay a lower rate. Retired faculty and professor emeriti permits do not count against a department’s allocation. Retired employees may also purchase Visitor Parking passes at the Parking and Transportation Office, W20-022.

Unexpected, Last-Minute Visitors

For unexpected visitors or for guests who do not have an invited visitor pass, a department may call the Parking and Transportation Office at 617-258-6510 to arrange last-minute parking. The person calling must be authorized to make charges to the department's account. The Parking and Transportation Office will need the visitor's name, time of arrival, and the department number and account number, as well as the name of the departmental representative who is making the request. A journal voucher will be executed by our office for call-down parking charges.

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