The MIT Travel page serves as an excellent resource for all travel questions. In the event you require additional assistance, contact

***Please note that it is a MIT Policy that all travel reports must be submitted via Concur within 30 days of completion of the trip. ***


Concur is an online travel booking/reporting system that allows an Administrator to book a trip, reconcile Travel Card charges, and reimburse a traveler for other out of pocket travel expenses.

For help with Concur,  visit the FAQ Travel section of the VPF's website.

MIT Travel Card

The MIT Travel card is a convenient way for MIT personnel to secure their travel arrangements without having to bear the out-of-pocket cost of their MIT-related travel.

This card functions in a similiar way to the Procurement Card; consequently, it is the cardholder’s responsibility to retain and submit all receipts in a timely manner. Original and itemized receipts are required for all expenses over $75 and all meals no matter what the cost (alcohol charges must be segregated and charged to a non-sponsored discretionary cost object). For more information on trip expenses, see the Travel section of the VPF's website.

Please keep in mind that personal items may not be purchased on the MIT Travel card. All appropriate charges will be paid by MIT and charged to the cost object specified on the Concur travel expense report.

MIT issues two types of travel cards:

Once this form has been completed and signed by both the applicant and either the Administrative Officer/Primary Authorizer for the Chemistry Department, the application should be emailed by the Department to

A complete list of MIT Travel Card policies can be found in the Travel section of the VPF's website.

***Due to the fact that the Procurement and Travel cards bear a close resemblance to each other, it is important to ensure the Procurement Card is not used in lieu of the Travel Card and vice versa. ***