Procurement Card

An MIT Procurement Card is a convenient way to make smaller purchases without the need of a purchase order. Furthermore, the MIT Procurement card is favored over a purchase order for certain recurring charges.

Even though the Procurement Card will be issued in the cardholder’s name, this mechanism is an extension of MIT Procurement; therefore all MIT procurement policies apply.

General Expenses

**As all charges will be paid by MIT, it is the cardholder’s responsibility to retain all proof of delivery/purchase documentation (i.e. packing slips, sales receipt, etc.) and forward them to your verifier in a timely manner.**

In addition, the cardholder is responsible for contacting the vendor to obtain missing documentation and/or contact and resolve any disputes with the vendor.

Meal Expenses

When submitting itemized receipts for meal expenses, always remember to separate out any alcohol charges using G/L 421205 (if applicable) and to include the following information:

  1. Purpose of the meeting
  2. List of attendees
  3. Date and location of meeting

Click here to apply for a MIT Procurement Card.

Unallowable Expenses on a Procurement Card

  • Travel charges, including hotel and airline
  • Entertainment expenses
  • Gifts and gift certificates
  • Furniture
  • Conference registration for one that involves travel expenses (p-card can only be used to pay for registration if the conference is local)
  • Food and meeting related purchases outside of Cambridge (p-card can be used to purchase food that is MEETING RELATED; take out/catered services or local dining and can only be consumed in Cambridge area)
  • Chemicals in quantities larger than 4-liter sizes

For a Complete Guide to Cardholder Responsibilities and Non-Allowed Purchases, please visit Sourcing and Procurement section of the VPF's website. 

All procurement card holders and verifiers must take the procurement card training for cardholders and/or the procurement card training for verifiers.