Items such as catering, laboratory supplies/chemicals, equipment, etc. can be purchased through one of multiple ways:

Procurement Card

The Procurement Card is the preferred buying tool for low-dollar orders. The application for a Procurement Card can be found here.

For a direct link to many of MIT’s partners and preferred suppliers, please go to eCat on SAPweb.

SAPweb Requisitions

SAPweb requisitions are best suited for services and high-dollar or complex purchases (capital equipment, custom or specialty items, etc). In the event the purchase is over $10,000, a selection of source must be submitted along with the requisition.

For goods/services that are needed periodically for a specific amount of time (no longer than one year), there is an option of a Blanket Order. Blanket Orders are set up as a SAPweb requisition under one cost object. However, charges can be reallocated on each invoice.

In the event you need to submit a Request for Payment (RFP) or search for a Purchase Order, visit SAPweb.

Internal Providers

Internal Providers offer in-house services such as Catering (Tech Catering), Audio Visual Services, Photocopying and Printing (CopyTech), Campus Activities, Cyrogenics Laboratory Operations, and certain IS&T services to the MIT community.

If you are not sure where to purchase an item, SmartBuy is a tool that can help you identify the best place to purchase an item and lists preferred/partner suppliers. Should you have any questions, the Procurement Office is also an excellent resource.