COG3 Seminar: Richard Gaschnig (UMass Lowell)

Richard Gaschnig (UMass Lowell)
Thursday, February 22, 2018 - 10:00am to 11:00am

Non-traditional Stable Isotope Tracers in Solid-Earth Systems

Molybdenum, uranium, and thallium experience measureable isotope fractionation in oceanographic settings, leading to distinct isotope signatures in certain sediment types and in altered ocean crust. Subduction of these materials will transfer these unique signals to the mantle and potentially lead to the development of deep-Earth reservoirs with distinct Mo, U, and Tl isotope composition comparable to those observed with radiogenic isotopes. In this talk, I will discuss some ongoing research to understand how these systems behave during igneous processes and whether they can be used to better understand the origin of arc basalts and OIBs.

About the Speaker:

David Gaschnig is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Lowell specializing in geochemistry, geochronology, and petrology.

About this Seminar The Chemical Oceanography, Geology, Geochemistry, and Geobiology Seminar [COG3] is a student-run seminar series. Topics include chemical oceanography, geology, geochemistry, and geobiology. The seminars take place on Fridays from 10-11am in Building E25, Room 119, unless otherwise noted (term-time only).