Spring Classes - 2020

MIT/WHOI Joint Program courses are listed below with schedule information for courses where we have received this information.  If a course takes place at WHOI the location is listed below as WHOI, if it is at MIT the classroom is listed.  WHOI may make changes to the schedule and the most current schedule can be found on their website, we will update this schedule as we receive changes from WHOI.

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The course numbers listed below serve as links to the appropriate general section of EAPS on the Registrar's Subject Listing and Schedule.  If you would like to go directly to the main page of the Subject Listing and Schedule, click here.

Subject Name Instructor Schedule Location
12.00 Frontiers and Careers in Earth, Climate, Planets, Life Herring T 2-4PM 54-824
12.002 Introduction to Geophysics and Planetary Science Royden,
WF 3-4:30PM 54-824
12.007 Geobiology: History of Life on Earth Babbin, Fournier TTh 11AM-12:30PM 54-819
12.009J Nonlinear Dynamics: The Natural Environment Rothman TTh 11AM-12:30PM 56-162
12.011J Archaeological Science Lechtman Lecture: M 7-10PM; Lab: Hours Arranged 6-120
12.091 / 12.S593 Special Seminar in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Jagoutz, McGee W 2-4PM 54-517
12.116 Analysis of Geologic Data Jagoutz W 12-2pm 54-517
12.119 Analytical Techniques for Studying Environmental and Geologic Samples Bosak, Boyle, Ono TTh 10AM-12PM E25-605
12.203 / 12.503 Mechanics of Earth Minchew, Pec Lecture: MW 1-2:30PM
Lab: T 3-5PM
MW 54-824
T 54-517
12.207J / 18.3541 Nonlinear Dynamics: Continuum Systems Dunkel MW 2:30-4PM 2-147
12.306 / 12.806J Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry Prinn TTh 2:30-4PM 66-154
12.307 Weather and Climate Laboratory Illari, Marshall Lecture: TTh 2:30-4:30PM;
Lab: Hours Arranged
12.315 / 12.815 Atmospheric Radiation and Convection Cronin MW 10:30AM-12PM 54-1623
12.349 / 12.849 Mechanisms and Models of the Global Carbon Cycle Follows MW 10:30AM-12PM 54-819
12.373 / 12.777 Field Oceanography Babbin Lecture: MW 1:30-3PM;
Lab: F 1-4pm

Lecture: 54-819
Lab: 12-5123

12.400 Our Space Odyssey de Wit, Binzel TTh 3-4:30PM 54-819
12.402J Introduction to Astronomy Frebel TTh 1-2:30PM 4-231
12.409 Hands-On Astronomy: Observing Stars and Planets Bosh Lecture: T 4-5PM;
Lab: M, T,W, 7-10PM or Hours Arranged
Lecture: 54-100
Lab: 37-294
12.431J Space Systems Development Binzel, Newman Lecture: TTh
Lab: TTh 3-5PM
12.467 Seminar in Geomorphology Perron T 7-9PM 54-517
12.S493 Seminar in Biogeochemistry Summons T 2-4PM E25-605
12.510 Introduction to Seismology van der Hilst Lecture: MWF 9:00-10:30AM 54-824
12.540 Principles of Global Positioning Systems Herring MWF 11AM-12:30PM 54-824
12.650 Current Topics in Planetary Science Wisdom TTh 9:30-11AM 54-824
12.714 Computational Data Analysis WHOI TTh 10:30AM-12PM 54-827
12.716 Essentials of Oceanic Petrology WHOI TTh 1-2:30PM WHOI Campus
12.740 Paleoceanography Boyle MW 3-4:30PM 54-823
12.746 Marine Organic Geochemistry WHOI TTh 2:30-4PM 54-823
12.752 / 12.753 Sem: Oceanography at WHOI WHOI T 1-2:30pm WHOI: Clark 507
12.759 Seminar in Oceanography at Woods Hole WHOI Th 1-2:30PM WHOI
12.801 Large-scale Ocean Dynamics Marshall MW 10:30AM - 12PM 54-1827
12.802 Waves, Instability and Turbulence at Small Scales WHOI TTH 1-2:30PM TBA by WHOI
12.810 Dynamics of the Atmosphere O'Gorman TTh 10:30AM-12PM 54-1623
12.817J Atmospheric Composition in the Changing Earth System Heald MW 9-10:30AM 48-308
12.820 Turbulence in the Ocean and Atmosphere Ferrari W 1:30 - 3PM & F 10:30AM - 12PM 54-823
12.850 Computation Ocean Modeling WHOI M 1:30-3PM & Th 10:30AM - 12PM 54-823
12.S489 The Field Geology of Scotland Bosak F 1-3PM 54-517
12.S493 Seminar in Biogeochemistry Summons Th 2-3:30PM E25-605
12.S592 Special Seminar in EAPS Ravela F 9AM-12PM 54-1623