IAP 2019

Field Camps 2019

12.411 Astronomy Field Camp (U credit)
12.611 Astronomy Field Camp (G credit)
Prereq: 12.410J/8.287
Limited to 6 participants
9 units, graded P/D/F
Fee: $200.00 for travel

Do not pre-register on WebSIS. Contact Dr. Amanda Bosh for application asbosh@MIT.EDU. Submit application by October 27, 2018.

Astronomy field camp at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. Students will participate in astronomical research with astronomers at Lowell Obs. Topics will vary by year. This class includes tours of local astronomical facilities and discussions with local astronomers. Students will present results of their research at the Lowell Obs. colloquium series at the end of the class. Priority will be given to declared Course 12 and Course 8 Majors, Astronomy Minors, Seniors, and Juniors. Final enrollment decisions are made by the Instructor. Contact: Amanda Bosh, asbosh@mit.edu

Credit Subjects on Campus

12.141 Electron Microprobe Analysis
T, R, Jan 15, 17, 22 and 24, 1-5 PM, 54-1221
Selection by departmental lottery. Do not pre-register on WebSIS.
Limited to 8 participants.
Level: U 6 units Graded P/D/F

Introduction to the theory of X-ray microanalysis through wavelength and energy dispersive spectrometry (WDS and EDS), ZAF matrix corrections, and scanning electron imaging with back-scattered electron (BSE), secondary electron (SE), elemental X-rays with WDS and EDS, and cathodoluminescence (CL); lab sessions will involve hands-on use of the JEOL JXA-8200 Superprobe. This four-session course is offered for undergraduate credit. However, persons interested in an in-depth discussion of quantitative X-ray analysis are invited to participate. Students will be required to complete lab exercises and take a quiz to obtain credit. For course notes and to enter lottery, click here.
Contact: Dr. Nilanjan Chatterjee, 54-1216, x3-1995, nchat@mit.edu.