IAP 2021

Credit Subjects on Campus

12.091/12.S597 Practical High Performance Computing: Scaling Beyond your Laptop
Schedule: January 12, 14, 15, 19, 21, 22, 1-2pm. 8-10 hours additional out of class time expected (1 hour/class of prep, 4-6 hours for project, presentation, and report)
Prerequisites: Working knowledge of one programming/scripting language. Laptop for hands-on exercises. Participants will get further instruction on how to access MIT Supercloud once registered for the class.
Units: 1
Description: The focus of this class is to introduce the role of High Performance Computing (HPC, aka supercomputing) in research. We will discuss the fields where HPC is used and provide concrete examples where we describe the strategies used to scale applications to hundreds of processors. Students will learn when to scale from their laptops to HPC, what challenges that introduces, and how to address those challenges with efficient HPC workflows. The MIT SuperCloud will be used for hands-on examples using C/C++, Julia, Matlab, and/or Python. We will also demonstrate applications using other computing resources on campus, such as the Satori and Engaging clusters. Students should bring a research problem/application that they would like to scale.

This is a blended course with asynchronous and live virtual components. Much of the lecture will be available before class in pre-recorded short videos and class time will be spent on hands-on activities and practice. We encourage everyone to present on their work. Students taking the class for MIT credit are required to complete a short report in addition to the presentation.
Instructors: Lauren Milechin, Julie Mullen, Chris Hill