Cross Registration

For questions that aren't answered by the information below or for required signatures please contact the EAPS Education Office, 54-910; 617-253-3380.

Finding a Syllabus or Lecture Schedule for an EAPS class

  • Stellar - Course information for the classes in the current term. Access may be restricted, but this varies by class. You may request access from the course administrator.  Past terms are also represented. (EAPS is Course 12)
  • Open CourseWare - an archive of class materials that includes many of the EAPS class over the past couple of years. All classes are open to anyone.

Information for Harvard Students

  • EAPS Fall Classes   ==>
  • EAPS Spring Classes   ==>
  • Descriptions of EAPS Special Seminars  ==>
  • Registration procedures and deadlines  ==>
  • Harvard College, Handbook for Students, Cross-Registration  ==>

Information for MIT Students

  • Registration procedures and deadlines (graduate students)   ==>
  • Registration procedures and deadlines (undergraduate students)   ==>
  • Harvard EPS Courses Offered ==>
  • Conversion of Harvard Credits to MIT Units  ==>
  • Conversion of Harvard Grades to MIT Grades  ==>