(CANCELLED) DLS - Aradhna E. Tripati (UCLA)

Aradhna E. Tripati (UCLA)
Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Virtual via Zoom




Carbonate clumped isotope geochemistry as an applied tool in Cenozoic paleoceanography and paleoclimate


The carbonate clumped isotope thermometer is a promising proxy for the study of environmental change through time. In principle, this technique can provide a thermodynamically based estimate of carbonate mineral formation temperature and a relatively assumption-free calculation of water 18O/16O ratios. Over the past thirteen years, I have studied the systematics of carbonate clumped isotopes in foraminifera and coccoliths and other geological archives including lacustrine and soil carbonates. In this talk, I will discuss work we have done to develop its usability for Cenozoic paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic reconstructions. I will highlight applications to reconstruct ocean temperatures and terrestrial hydroclimates in the past, including proxy-model comparisons to understand underlying dynamical mechanisms. My talk will also touch on new developments relating to the physical geochemistry of clumped isotopes in carbonates. We are using both theory and experiments to quantify kinetic isotope effects, and are also studying these effects in different systems. I will also briefly discuss the work we have been doing in the Center for Diverse Leadership in Science, and in my research program, to support equity, justice and innovation in the geosciences.