Thesis Preparation and Submission Guidelines

Within EAPS, we emphasize and follow the MIT deadlines for thesis submission as specified on the MIT Academic Calendar. In exceptional circumstances, with full Thesis Committee approval, the candidate can seek permission for a Thesis Defense date as late as the Institute thesis submission deadline. No thesis defense after this date can be considered. Please plan accordingly.

As you prepare to submit your thesis please note the following.

  • You need to make a 30 minute appointment with Brandon Milardo ( in the Education Office when you are ready to submit your thesis. Brandon will check the document to make certain that it meets MIT guidelines. You will also have a number of forms to complete.
    • For PhD degrees, the form for University Microfilm Inc. (UMI), title page, and abstract (350 word maximum)
    • Exit Checklist - regarding offices on the MIT campus
    • An EAPS Exit Survey will be emailed to you
  • If you submit a receipt showing payment of your thesis submission fee, we will reimburse you for the cost.
  • You do not need to get the Department Head's signature. The Education Office will is responsible for getting that signature.
  • You may not have someone drop off the thesis for you or submit the thesis by email. Please make any travel plans accordingly.
  • The MIT thesis guidelines are posted on the MIT Library's website.
  • The only variation from the MIT guidelines for EAPS students is that the Department Head will sign the signature page instead of the Chair of the Graduate Education Committee or Graduate Officer. You do not need to get the Department Head's signature. The Education Office will do that.
  • WHOI students should follows the guidelines for their programs regarding the content of the signature page. 

You are responsible for making certain that your thesis is formatted properly and submitted in a timely fashion. Once you submit your thesis to the Education Office you can not make any changes to it or swap out pages.

The day that you hand in your thesis is the last day for which you will be paid as a graduate student. Please make your financial and employment plans accordingly.

We want the process to go smoothly for you, so please ask any and all questions ahead of time. We're glad to provide answers.