EAPS Committees & Programs

Committee on the Education ProgramAdvises the Department Head and provides oversight regarding EAPS educational matters, both graduate and undergraduate, including degree requirements, subjects offered, and student affairs.

Taylor Perron (Acting Chair and Acting Graduate Officer, Fall 2022, IAP 2023) perron@mit.edu
Paul O'Gorman (Co-chair, Graduate Officer) pog@mit.edu 
Ann Greaney-Williams (Co-chair, Academic Administrator) agreaney@mit.edu
Tom Herring (Undergraduate Officer) tah@mit.edu
Lodovica Illari (Representing Instructors and Lecturers) illari@mit.edu
Arlene Fiore (Senior Faculty Representative, at large) amfiore@mit.edu
Kristin Bergmann (Junior Faculty Representative, at large) kdberg@mit.edu

Crosby Committee

Advises the Department Head (in consultation with the Chair of PGGG) regarding the Crosby Lecturers and related activities in geology.

Oliver Jagoutz, (Chair, PGGG) jagoutz@mit.edu
Susan Solomon (PAOC) solos@mit.edu
Roger Summons (PAOC) rsummons@mit.edu
Dan Rothman (PAOC, PG, PGGG) dhr@mit.edu

Department Lecture Series (DLS) Committee

Advises the Department Head on speakers for the Department Lecture Series.

Greg Fournier (Chair, PGGG) g4nier@mit.edu
Camilla Cattania (PG) camcat@mit.edu
Benjamin Rackham (PPS, PACO) brackham@mit.edu
Malcolm White (PG) malcolmw@mit.edu

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Committee

Oversees environmental health and safety issues in EAPS.

Brian Smith (Safety Officer) bssmith@mit.edu
Michael Richard mjr@mit.edu
Scott Wade swade@mit.edu

Graduate Admissions Committee

All communication for members of the Graduate Admissions Committee should be directed to the EAPS Education Office staff.

Dan Rothman (Chair, PAOC, PG, PGGG)
Shuhei Ono (PGGG) sono@mit.edu
Paul O’Gorman (PAOC) pog@mit.edu
Jack Wisdom (PPS) wisdom@mit.edu

Honors and Awards Committee

Tim Grove (Chair, PGGG, PPS) tlgrove@mit.edu
Kerry Emanuel (PAOC) emanuel@mit.edu
Rob van der Hilst (PG) hilst@mit.edu


Houghton Committee

Advises the Department Head (in consultation with the Chair of PAOC) regarding the Houghton Lecturers and other educational enhancements in atmospheres, oceans, and climate.

Susan Solomon (PAOC) solos@mit.edu


Space Committee

Formulates short and long-term space strategies for EAPS through consultation with the Institute Administration, and EAPS faculty, staff and students. Vigorously represents the Department’s space needs to the Institute.

Thomas Herring (Chair, PG) tah@mit.edu
Raffaele Ferrari (PAOC) raffaele@mit.edu
Taylor Perron (PG, PGGG, PPS) perron@mit.edu
Benjamin Weiss (PGGG) bpweiss@mit.edu

EAPS Programs

For communication with offices and people external to the Department, the following EAPS research subdivisions are referred to as Programs:

Each of these Programs has a senior faculty member appointed by the Department Head who acts in the capacity of Program Chair. The responsibilities of the Program Chair (or faculty designated by them) are detailed here:

  • Ensure quality of the undergraduate and graduate programs within the program

  • Advise the Committee on the Education Program on curricular and student issues within their research program

  • Nominate members for all internal committees relevant to each program

  • Provide (with program colleagues) a vision and curricular statements for each Program to update the EAPS brochure(s) and website.

  • Propose (with program colleagues) faculty searches to the Department Head

  • Program Chairs are also members of the Space Commitee

Activities and subjects offered during MIT's Independent Activities Period are organized through the Education Office.

The Headquarters staff, particularly the EAPS Education Office, are available at all times to work with the Program Leaders, Graduate and Undergraduate Officers, and Graduate Admissions Committee to enable them to carry out their tasks.

These Programs are designed to facilitate and advertise our educational activities and enhance the intellectual interactions within and outside the department.  They are not intended to be divisive.  Some faculty will be associated with more than one program.  As always, individual faculty are free at any time to provide proposals and opinions on any subject relevant to the Department.