Aaron Donohoe

Aaron Donohoe


Email thedhoe [at] mit [dot] edu

Phone 617.253.5458

Office 54-1517


2011, PhD Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington.,2003, BS Department of Physics and Astronomy, Bowdoin College.


I study global scale climate dynamics with a focus on how energy moves through the climate system via radiative and dynamical processes. My most recent work has focused on the controls of the meridional heat transport in the climate system and the seasonal cycle of atmospheric temperature. I'm also interested in mid-latitude atmospheric dynamics (storms) and paleoclimate. When I'm not studying climate dynamics, I do a lot of skiing, some backpacking and surfing, and really enjoy cooking.


NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow,National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship


The relationship between ITCZ location and cross equatorial atmospheric heat transport; from the seasonal cycle to the Last Glacial Maximum,The role of the Ocean Circulation in Setting the mean position of the ITCZ,The seasonal cycle of atmospheric heating and temperature,What determines meridional heat transport in climate models,Atmospheric and surface contribution to planetray albedo,The asymmetry between synoptic cyclone and anticyclone amplitudes: implications for filtering methods in feature tracking, Causes of Reduced North Atlantic Storm Activity in a CCSM3 Simulation of the Last Glacial Maximum

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