Piero Poli


Email ppoli [at] mit [dot] edu

Office 54-526


PhD in geophysics from Grenoble University, France in 2013. PhD was focused on seismic noise correlation with particular interest about body waves emergence from noise correlation. Piero joined MIT in the fall of 2013.


Piero’s research interests include; Ambient noise correlation, deep Earth imaging using noise correlation, scattered waves, seismic noise sources, deep earthquakes rupture mechanisms, massively data management and analysis, regional seismic tomography.


P. Poli, H. A. Pedersen, M. Campillo, Emergence of body waves from cross-correlation of short periodic seismic noise, Geophysical Journal International, 188 (2), 549-558

P. Poli, M. Campillo H. A. Pedersen, Body-wave imaging of Earth’s mantle discontinuities from ambient seismic noise, Science 338 (6110), 1063-1065

P. Boué, P. Poli, M. Campillo, H. Pedersen, X. Briand, P. Roux, Teleseismic correlations of ambient seismic noise for deep global imaging of the Earth, Geophysical Journal International, 2013

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