Ning Lin

Ning Lin

Postdoctoral Fellow

Email ninglin [at] mit [dot] edu

Phone 617.253.5935

Office 54-1721


Ph.D., Princeton University, June 2010


Research Interests: Tropical Cyclones, Climate Change, Natural Hazards and Risk Assessment, Stochastic Modeling, Wind Engineering


Natural Hazards Focus Group Award ,NOAA Climate and Global Change (C&GC) Postdoctoral Fellowship,Robert Hoffman *58 Scholar, Princeton University,Harold W. Dodds Honorific Fellowship, Princeton University ,Founding Scholar, Princeton Energy and Climate Scholars Group (PECS), Princeton University,STEP Fellowship, Princeton Environmental Institute, Princeton University


Physically based assessment of hurricane surge threat under climate change,On hurricane parametric wind and applications in storm surge modeling,Hurricane modification and adaptation in Miami-Dade County, Florida,Risk Assessment of Hurricane Storm Surge for New York City,Modeling Extreme Rainfall, Winds, and Surge from Hurricane Isabel (2003),Windborne Debris Risk Analysis: Part I. Introduction and Methodology,Windborne Debris Risk Analysis: Part II. Application in Structural Vulnerability Modeling,Windborne Debris Risk Assessment,Trajectories of Windborne Debris and Applications to Impact Testing,Investigations of Plate-type Windborne Debris, I. Experiments in Wind Tunnel and Full-scale,Characteristics of Wind Forces on Tall Buildings,Experimental Investigation on Local Wind Force Coefficients and Power Spectra of High-rise Buildings (in Chinese)

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