Renyu Hu

Renyu Hu


Email hury [at] caltech [dot] edu

Phone 617.253.6283

Office 54-1719


2007 - 2009, Tsinghua University, China, M.S. Astrophysics,2005 - 2009, Ecole Centrale Paris, France, Diplome d'Ingenieur,2003 - 2007, Tsinghua University, China, B.S. Mathematics and Physics


My research focuses on the characterization of terrestrial exoplanets' atmospheres and surfaces. During my PhD I have built a new comprehensive theoretical model of photochemistry and radiative transfer for exploration of exoplanetary atmospheres. I am using the model to identify gases in terrestrial exoplanet atmospheres that are indicative of alien life. I have also pioneered the first theoretical model that outlined how to detect mineral compositions on a bare-rock exoplanet. I am also interested in Mars polar processes. My analysis of data of various Mars orbiters has led to the first observational constraints on the particle size of CO2 snow on the red planet.


NASA Hubble Postdoctoral Fellowship,Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad,The Barrett Prize, Department of Physics, MIT,NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship,MIT Presidential Fellowship,Tsinghua University Best Master Dissertation,Wu You-Xun Prize for Theoretical Astrophysics,AMD Space Science Award


Photochemistry in Terrestrial Exoplanet Atmospheres II: H2S and SO2 Photochemistry in Anoxic Atmospheres,Photochemistry in Terrestrial Exoplanet Atmospheres I: Photochemistry Model and Benchmark Cases,Mars CO2 Condensation Above The North and South Poles

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