Eliza Harris


Email elizah [at] mit [dot] edu

Phone 617.324.3948

Office E25-645


Bachelor of Antarctic Science with Honours, University of Tasmania, Australia, 2005-2008; PhD, summa cum laude, at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, 2009-2012; Postdoctoral Associate at MIT, 2012


I am originally from Melbourne, Australia, and moved to Tasmania after school to study a bachelor degree in Antarctic Science, majoring in Chemistry. As part of the program I was lucky enough to spend a semester studying in the high Arctic at the University Centre in Svalbard. I then followed the cold weather to Europe to complete a PhD in atmospheric chemistry at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany. I enjoyed three great years in Mainz, learning the German language and appreciating European food, wine and culture - as well as becoming very interested in applications of isotopes in atmospheric chemistry.
In September 2012 I took up a postdoctoral research position in the Stable Isotope Laboratory with Prof. Shuhei Ono. My interests centre around the use of stable isotopes to understand the sources, sinks and chemistry of trace gases. I am developing an online spectroscopic technique for continuous monitoring of the isotopic signature of nitrous oxide in order to understand its sources and transport. I also continue to work on sulfur dioxide oxidation through lab work and samples from the Two Column Aerosol Project (http://www.arm.gov/campaigns/amf2013waecf).


Dieter Rampacher Prize for the youngest doctoral candidate with outstanding doctoral research, 2012; University Medal for Outstanding Honours Results, University of Tasmania, 2008


Eliza Harris, Bärbel Sinha, Dominik van Pinxteren, Andreas Tilgner, Khanneh Wadinga Fomba, Johannes Schneider, Anja Roth, Thomas Gnauk, Benjamin Fahlbusch, Stephan Mertes, Taehyoung Lee, Jeffrey Collett, Stephen Foley, Stephan Borrmann, Peter Hoppe, and Hartmut Herrmann (2013) Enhanced Role of Transition Metal Ion Catalysis During In-Cloud Oxidation of SO2. Science, 10, 727-730.

Harris, E., Sinha, B., Hoppe, P., Crowley, J. N., Ono, S., and Foley, S. (2012) Sulfur isotope fractionation during oxidation of sulfur dioxide: gas-phase oxidation by OH radicals and aqueous oxidation by H2O2, O3 and iron catalysis, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 12, 407-423.

Harris, E., Sinha, B., Hoppe, P., Foley, S. and Borrmann, S. (2012) Fractionation of sulfur isotopes during heterogeneous oxidation of SO2 on sea salt aerosol: A new tool to investigate non-sea salt sulfate production in the marine boundary layer, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 12, 2707-2742.

Harris, E., Sinha, B., Foley, S., Crowley, J. N., Borrmann, S., and Hoppe, P. (2012) Sulfur isotope fractionation during heterogeneous oxidation of SO2 on mineral dust, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 12, 4619-4631.

van Pinxteren, D., Birmili, W., Fomba, W., Gnauk, T., Iinuma, Y., Mertes, S., Mildenberger, K., Merkel, M., Müller, C., Müller, K., Poulain, L., Spindler, G., Henning, S., Stratmann, F., Tilgner, A., Wex, H., Wolke, R., Wiedensohler, A., Zhijun, W., Böttger, T., Borrmann, S., Harris, E., Roth, A., Schneider, J., Sinha, B., George, I., Heard, D., Whalley, L., D'Anna, B., George, C., Müller, M., Amedro, D., Fittschen, C., Schoemaker, C., Collett, J., Lee, T., and Herrmann, H. (2011) Hill Cap Cloud Thuringia 2010 - Overview and first results, Atmospheric Environment, 45, S1, A 338.

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