David T. Wang

David T. Wang

Graduate Student

Email dtw [at] mit [dot] edu

Phone 617.324.3951

Office E25-647


B.S. Biochemistry, California State University, Los Angeles, 2011


Basic and applied low-temperature geochemistry. 

MIT/WHOI Joint Program, Chemical Oceanography, PAOC


NDSEG Fellowship


Ono S, Wang DT, Gruen DS, Sherwood Lollar B, Zahniser M, McManus BJ, Nelson DD (2014)
Measurement of a Doubly-Substituted Methane Isotopologue, 13CH3D, by Tunable Infrared Laser Direct Absorption Spectroscopy.
Anal. Chem., 86(13), 6487-6494

Sim MS, Wang DT, Zane GM, Wall JD, Bosak T, Ono S (2013)
Fractionation of sulfur isotopes by Desulfovibrio vulgaris mutants lacking hydrogenases or type I tetraheme cytochrome c3.
Front. Microbiol., 4, 171

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