Oceans Ahoy!

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Unlocking the secrets of the blue marble we call home: EAPS scientists working collaboratively to leverage our unique wealth of physical, chemical, and biological ocean know-how.


The Secret Lives of Researchers: Head in the Clouds

"My name is Sarvesh Garimella, and I have chosen to lead the mysterious life of a researcher for the next few years." Atmospheric chemistry graduate student Sarvesh Garimella on why those lights stay on through the night in the Green Building.


Spotlight on EAPS Evolving Faculty Line-up

Professors, now Emeriti, Dick Lindzen and Carl Wunsch step aside as EAPS looks forward to Mick Follows' appointment as Associate Professor and the summer 2013 arrival of incoming Assistant Professors Hilke Schlichting and Germán Prieto.


Classroom Earth: Terrascope

EAPS considers it essential that all undergraduate students have some knowledge of the Earth system, in areas that range from its inherent complexity to sustainability. Here, Director of Terrascope Professor Sam Bowring describes this unique program.

Letter from the Department Head

A message from Professor Rob van der Hilst, EAPS Department Head.


Other News

GRAIL Reveals a Battered Lunar History

Twin spacecraft create a highly detailed gravity map of the moon, finding an interior pulverized by early impacts.


Huge and Widespread Volcanic Eruptions Triggered the End-Triassic Extinction

Some 200 million years ago, an increase in atmospheric CO₂ caused acidification of the oceans and global warming that killed off 76 percent of marine and terrestrial species on Earth.


Mercury May Have Harbored an Ancient Magma Ocean

Combining observations from spacecraft acquired data with Earth-based laboratory experiments, EAPS researchers propose that Mercury may have harbored a large, roiling ocean of magma very early in its history, shortly after its formation about 4.5 billion years ago. 


Reducing the Risks of Mercury

Noelle Selin, along with a team of ten MIT graduate students, travelled to Geneva, Switzerland in January to present scientific results to negotiators in a meeting to address global controls on mercury.


Rewriting India's Geologic History

EAPS' Oliver Jagoutz and co-authors have found that the collision between India and Asia occurred only 40 million years ago—10 million years later than previously thought.


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2012 Publications Review

A selection of peer-reviewed papers authored or co-authored by EAPS members during 2012.


Faculty and Senior Researcher News

Our faculty continue to receive numerous awards and honors... 

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Student and Postdoc. News

EAPS’ graduate students and postdocs play a vital role in our work by taking the risks required to make scientific breakthroughs, by teaching and mentoring undergraduates, and by helping to attract and keep world-class faculty. Here is a list of student and postdoc awards from the past six months... 



Cumulus, Cirrus, Stratus: What Clouds Say About Climate Change

Dan Cziczo sets out to answer what happens when particles in the atmosphere, especially manufactured ones, interact with water vapor and temperature to form clouds in a changing climate.


Forging a New Direction in Climate Research

Kerry Emanuel discusses a new approach to climate science that emphasizes basic understanding over black box simulation. 


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November 2012 - May 2013

Predicting Climate in a Chaotic World, Mapping the Early History of the Moon, the AGU Alumni Reception, a breakfast, and a night at the Museum: Read about a selection of EAPS events during this past winter and spring.


Looking Ahead

Commencement Reception

June 7, 2013

Coming to Cambridge for Reunion Weekend? In town anyway? Join us for our annual reception for new graduates and visiting alumni in the Ida Green Lounge (54-923) immediately following Commencement exercises.  Enjoy refreshments, reconnect with faculty, and find out what is happening in EAPS at this annual event.


Geology Field Trip led by Professor Sam Bowring

September 21-22, 2013

The EAPS Department fall field trip is your chance to get up close and personal with the geology of central Massachusetts. Within a two-hour drive from MIT we will discover 200-million-year-old dinosaur footprints, lava flows, and sandstones (some with fish fossils) deposited during the early stages of the rifting of North America from Africa, deposits of sand and gravel from melting glaciers, glacial lake deposits, evidence for starkly different climate in the past, and much, much more. 


John Carlson Lecture

New England Aquarium, October 10, 2013

Mark your calendar for the third annual Carlson Lecture. Our speaker will be Yale's John Wettlaufer. This public lecture will be preceded by a reception. 

The John Carlson Lecture, sponsored by the Lorenz Center, communicates exciting new results in climate science to the general public. Free of charge, the lecture is made possible by a gift from EAPS alumnus John H. Carlson. The Lorenz Center is a climate think tank devoted to learning how climate works. Named for the late MIT meteorologist Edward N. Lorenz, a pioneer in chaos theory, the Center is led by EAPS professors Kerry Emanuel and Daniel Rothman.

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