Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Geomorphologist Taylor Perron is the Cecil and Ida Green Assistant Professor of Geology. Taylor loves figuring out how landscapes tick. His group is particularly interested in how patterns emerge in landscapes ranging from river networks to ripples in sand at the shoreline. They study how climate – and especially rainfall and sunlight – influence landscape, and even the landscapes that occur on other planets and moons and how they differ from what is seen on Earth. MORE

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Seager awarded a Bose Grant: Sara Seager will use her Amer G. Bose Research Grant to map biochemical space in search of life beyond Earth. Read More

Award for Green Building's Hidden Hands: EAPS congratulations to Operations and Facilities Manager Scott Wade who has been selected to receive MIT's 2015 Serving the Client Excellence Award. Scott will be honored in an Institute wide ceremony in March. Read More

IAP Lecture "Origin of Life": Molecular evolution before the Domain ancestors: Indications for dramatic planetary changes during life’s early evolution - Peter Gogarten (University of Connecticut) Jan 28 | noon - 1 pm | 35-225 (Note Different Room) MORE

The December issue of EAPSpeaks is out: Catch up on summer and fall research stories, event and award news and video more


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