EAPS Author's Night

Friday, October 26, 2012
Room 54-100 at 4:00 p.m.

Featured author, Senior Research Scientist, Mick Follows M.I.T. EAPS, will share the book he co-authored with long time colleague Prof. Richard Williams (Univ. Liverpool, UK). Ocean Dynamics and the Carbon Cycle presents a multidisciplinary approach to understanding ocean circulation and how it drives and controls marine biogeochemistry and biological productivity at a global scale with implications for global climate change .

A reception will follow the talk in Building 54, Room 923. 

All are welcome.

Questions? Contact Jacqui Taylor, jtaylor [at] mit [dot] edu, or 3-2127

Mick Follows seeks to understand how the interactions of physical, chemical and biological processes modulate the structure and function of marine microbial communities and regulate the oceanic cycles of carbon and nutrient elements on global and climate scales. To this end, he uses idealized theory, numerical models and the analysis of observed data. Originally from the UK, Mick has been at MIT since 1992.

Related Media

In this video, which grew out of a Plenary Lecture at the Spring 2012, American Geophysical Union, Ocean Sciences meeting in Salt Lake City,UT, "Modeling Marine Microbes: From Molecules to Ecosystems", Mick talks about the past, present and future of marine ecosystem modeling. In particular he explains how his group uses numerical simulations to understand the organization of plankton populations and how advances in cell biology and microbiology might inform future models.


Mick Follows

MIT Darwin project

Ocean Dynamics and the Carbon Cycle - Principles and Mechanisms by Richard G. Williams and Michael J. Follows, Cambridge Univ. Press (2011) ISBN: 9780521843690 (416 pages)

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