The study of earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences at MIT combines the momentum of a top-ranked research university with the advantages of an accessible, collegial department. We offer opportunities for far-ranging field work as well as laboratory modeling and experimentation closely guided by renowned MIT faculty members. EAPS students explore the genesis, structure, and dynamics of the Earth’s core and land surface, oceans and atmospheres, biosphere and solar system. This challenging field of study integrates biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics in a variety of ways depending on individual student interests.

Examples of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences courses can be found on MIT OpenCourseWare.

Graduate Program

The EAPS graduate program offers students a learning and research environment that is unequalled in its interdisciplinary opportunities. EAPS graduate students interact with accomplished faculty and researchers and have access to world-class facilities. Our department participates actively in the Joint Program between MIT and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

EAPS graduate students may pursue a doctoral degree or, in select cases, a traditional master of science degree.

Undergraduate Program

The EAPS undergraduate program provides students the opportunity to study the geophysical sciences necessary for understanding the Earth and solar system. Undergraduates develop skills in quantifying and modeling natural systems in which longer time scales and larger space scales are principal considerations. Being able to analyze the behavior of complex systems—an important skill developed through the study of the geophysical sciences—can later be adapted to the study of problems in virtually any field.

Designed for incoming freshmen during their first year, Terrascope is a learning community focused on project-based learning. It is co-directed by EAPS and Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Incoming freshmen interested in getting acquainted with EAPS faculty and students should consider attending one of the Discover EAPS (DEAPS) field trips that are offered during MIT’s Pre-Orientation program.

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