Department Headquarters

EAPS Department headquarters is located on the ninth floor of Building 54 (Green Building). The Main Office is in room 918 and houses the Department Head, the Administrative Officer, and their staff. The Education Office is located in room 912. The Ida Green Lounge is located in room 923, and the adjoining room, 915, is the site of the Department Lecture Series and various other research group lecture series.

Headquarters Contact Information
Phone: 617.253.2127
Fax: 617.253.8298
eapsinfo [at] mit [dot] edu

MIT-WHOI Joint Program Office
Phone: 617.253.7544
Fax: 617.253.9784
mit-whoi-www [at] mit [dot] edu

Headquarters Personnel

Rob van der Hilst
Department Head and Schlumberger Professor
Phone: 617.253.0149
Fax: 617.253.8298
rvdh [at] mit [dot] edu for departmental correspondence
hilst [at] mit [dot] edu for teaching and research correspondence

Timothy Grove
Associate Department Head and Professor of Geology
Phone: 617.253.2878
tlgrove [at] mit [dot] edu

Michael Richard
Administrative Officer
Phone: 617.253.5184
Fax: 617.253.8298
mjr [at] mit [dot] edu

Allison Provaire
Administrative Assistant to the Department Head
Phone: 617.253.3382
Fax: 617.253.8298
provaire [at] mit [dot] edu

Contact for assistance with:

  • Appointments with Rob van der Hilst
  • Reservations for 54-915/923
    [To reserve a classroom, please contact the Education Office]

Jen Fentress
Administrative Assistant to the Administrative Officer
Phone: 617.253.2127
Fax: 617.253.8298
jfen [at] mit [dot] edu

Contact for assistance with:

  • Department Lecture Series and invited speakers
    • Series calendar, scheduling events
    • Scheduling meetings with invited speakers
    • Expense reimbursement
  • EAPS listserv promotional campaigns
  • Promotional video display slides and building directories
  • Calendars and Events
  • Departmental mail
  • Parking permits
    Parking is extremely limited at MIT. Applications for and renewals of faculty/staff parking permits must be submitted through the department. Permits are valid from September to August. To learn more about parking options, costs, and other information for commuters, visit the Parking Office website
  • Reservations for audio-visual equipment
  • Reservations for the department van
    [Drivers must be registered on the department insurance policy.]
  • Reporting general building issues
    i.e. heating and ventilation, elevator problems, water leaks
  • Reporting problems with color copier/printer in 811
  • Teaching supplies and office supplies

Karen Fosher
Human Resources Administrator
Phone: 617.253.2132
Fax: 617.253.8298
kfosher [at] mit [dot] edu

Scott Wade
Facilities and Operations Administrator, EAPS and Chemistry
Phone: 617.253.7156
swade [at] mit [dot] edu

Finance Office

Mark Pendleton
Fiscal Officer
Phone: 617.253.7156
Fax: 617.253.8298
wendell [at] mit [dot] edu

Kerin Willis
Financial Coordinator
Phone: 617.324.2470
Fax: 617.253.8298
kjwillis [at] mit [dot] edu

Education Office

Vicki McKenna
Academic Program Administrator
Phone: 617.253.3380
Fax: 617.253.8298
vsm [at] mit [dot] edu

Roberta Allard
Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 617.253.3381
allard [at] mit [dot] edu


Angela Ellis
Senior Development Officer
aellis [at] mit [dot] edu 


Helen Hill
Web Production | News Liaison/ Newsletter | Media Contact
Phone: 617.253.2454
helen [at] plume [dot] mit [dot] edu 

Heather Queyrouze
Social Media Manager | Database Manager | Web Maintenance | Print/Video/Web Design
Phone: 617.253.5728
heatherq [at] mit [dot] edu

Jen Fentress
Branding and Print Manager | Print/Video/Web Design | Event Promotion
Phone: 617.253.2127
jfen [at] mit [dot] edu

Contact information