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Enjoy a selection of recent EAPS travelers' tales and find out what EAPS student Neesha Schnepf was looking for in the Atacama Dessert MORE

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New Professorship Announced read more

Racing Towards Pluto: How'd we get New Horizons? You can thank the Pluto Underground: A young Professor Binzel was one of the "twelve idealistic young scientists who met in a Baltimore Italian restaurant and cooked up the plan that convinced NASA to put Pluto on the front burner." Read More

A Matter of Time for Antarctic Sea Ice: New research from MIT and University of Washington scientists, suggests ozone, or rather a lack of it, may help explain why sea ice is shrinking in the northern hemisphere and growing in the southern hemisphere. Read More


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New Horizons: Are we there yet? The latest issue of EAPS' newsletter, is here. more

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