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Join Director, Southern California Earthquake Center, and former Department Head Thomas H. Jordan on Monday March 2, 2015 for the second annual William F. Brace Lecture The Inference Spiral of Earthquake System Science more

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New Professorship Announced read more

Solving Carbon Mysteries of the Deep Ocean: New research from Chris Follett and Dan Rothman in collaboration with others at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution reveals a hidden deep-ocean carbon cycle. Read More

Snow in a Warming World: Paul O'Gorman talks to the Boston Globe about his counterintuitive findings, reported in the journal Nature in August 2014, suggesting that global warming likely won’t prevent massive snowstorms. Read More


Second Annual William F. Brace Lecture with Thomas H. Jordan (Director, Southern California Earthquake Center) March 2 | Stata Center 32-123 | 4:00pm more


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