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Geobiologist Tanja Bosak studies microbial fossils to understand the parallel evolution of life and the environment MORE

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New Professorship Announced read more

Five from EAPS are Environmental Solutions Initiative Seed Grant Winners: Projects involving Glenn Flierl, Noelle Selin, Colette Heald, Shuhei Ono and Roger Summons are among nine selected to receive seed funding. Read More

Second Ringed Charon?: Researchers in the Planetary Astronomy Lab in EAPS detect features around Chiron that may signal rings, jets, or a shell of dust. Read More


No DLS this week - Enjoy Spring break

Next DLS - Constraining Io’s Interior from Electromagnetic Induction, Krishan Khurana (University of California, Los Angeles), April 1 | 3:45 pm | 54-915 MORE


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