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Geomorphologist Taylor Perron is the Cecil and Ida Green Assistant Professor of Geology. Taylor loves figuring out how landscapes tick. His group is particularly interested in how patterns emerge in landscapes ranging from river networks to ripples in sand at the shoreline. They study how climate – and especially rainfall and sunlight – influence landscape, and even the landscapes that occur on other planets and moons and how they differ from what is seen on Earth. MORE

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Small Volcanic Eruptions could be Slowing Global Warming: Small volcanic eruptions might eject more of an atmosphere-cooling gas into Earth’s upper atmosphere than previously thought, potentially contributing to the recent slowdown in global warming, according to a new CEE/EAPS led study. Read More

Pulling Together the Early Solar System: New study led by Ben Weiss's Paleomagnetism Lab finds that a strong magnetic field whipped the early solar system into shape. Read More

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NO DLS Nov 26

Planets & Life (PANEL): Whither the Earth: Hands off? Geoengineer? Or Biosphere 3? With Samuel Bowring (MIT), Daniel Schrag (Harvard), David Keith (Harvard) | Dec 1 | 4:30 - 6:00 | MIT Museum more

DLS: The Compositions of Small Exoplanets, David Charbonneau (Harvard) | Dec 3 | 3:45 - 5:00 pm | 54-915 MORE


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