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Seismologist Germán Prieto is interested in the use of seismic records to understand earthquake sources, the interior of the Earth, and how each affects the ground motions that we feel on the Earth's surface more

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New Professorship Announced read more

Podcast: What's the science behind climate change?: Kerry Emanuel and Dan Cziczo among those discussing the history and science behind Earth’s warming climate, and whether anything can be done to mitigate a rising global temperature in a new All Ears MIT podcast. Read More

In the beginning: How Earth got its continents: Oliver Jagoutz doesn't have much room for rocks in his narrow tenth-floor office at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. But the geologist keeps a couple of samples on hand to show visitors how Earth produces something unique in the solar system: continents - Jagoutz in the New Scientist: reading rocks to understand how planets work. Read More


Next DLS: Measuring Lava Effusion Rate at Kīlauea Volcano, Hawaiʻi, with InSAR - Michael Poland, US Geological Survey 
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