Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Ben Weiss, Assoc. Professor of Planetary Sciences

Planetary scientist Benjamin Weiss is conducting laboratory magnetic studies on rocks from Mars, the Moon, and Earth to understand the evolution of planets, magnetism, and life more

In the News:

Flight path: Into the volcanic plume: EAPS Principal Research Scientist Sai Ravela is using small unmanned aircraft systems to better understand environmental phenomena, such as dangerous volcanic plumes. Read More

An Arctic ozone hole? Not quite: EAPS' Professor Susan Solomon's research finds that the extremes in Antarctic ozone holes have not been matched in the Arctic. Read More

Important Dates and Events:

Unforced Versus Forced Climate Trends Over North America: Clara Deser - National Center for Atmospheric Research, Apr 23 | 3:45 - 5:00 pm | 54-915  MORE

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